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Discover Top Sites For Finding Remote Frontend Developer Jobs

The internet is a big place. Even the job hunting internet is. Remote job boards, career pages, newsletters. Forums, Facebook groups, Subreddits. There are gazillion places where one can find remote {frontend developer} jobs.

This can be, of course, very confusing. Probably is. Especially if you are looking for your first remote {frontend developer} gig, or you are still a junior {frontend developer}.

Although remote work has seen a slow but steady rise in the last couple of years, it’s still uncharted territory for most people.

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Where to look

There are dozens of places to look for a new gig. Where to start? Which one to pick? Should you browse them all, daily? Subscribe to all of their newsletters and risk bullshit being delivered to you?

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If you don’t have a job, your job is to get one.

ancient proverb

A workday typically takes 8 hours. This would mean spending 8 hours a day with your job hunting efforts. Crazy, right?

Luckily, this is 2021 and a better way exists. Remote Weekly is a remote jobs delivery platform.

Fancy name. But what does it mean? Remote Weekly browses the web and cherry-picks new remote job openings for you.

  • You tell us which job(s) interests you
  • We browse the web for you. Many times a day, every day.
  • Our AI filters out trashy offers and bullshit like:
    • Remote only during the pandemic”
    • “WFH 2 working days per week”
    • USA only”
    • other BS
  • You receive everything we found in your Inbox. Weekly or daily; your choice.
  • This happens every day while you focus on more important issues.

131 people are already getting regular emails in the Inboxes with fresh remote {frontend developer} jobs.
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Join them.

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Before you hit apply

You have to be quick! Or do you?

There is a big shortage of remote work at the moment. What if someone finds and applies to the perfect remote gig before me?

The order in which applicants sign up for the job doesn’t matter. It’s the quality of the applicant that counts. Yes, there are a couple of exceptions to this, but – if the job offer disappears with the first candidate and the company doesn’t take its time to pick the proper person – do you really want to work there? In fact, they probably just helped you to dodge a bullet.

Be visible. Be different. Stand out.

You may think that the era of blogs and personal pages is gone, together with MySpace, ICQ, and AltaVista.

Thats not exactly true. Especially now, with the remote work boom.

Yes, the tools we use are different now, but more important than ever to differentiate ourselves from the noise. To stand out amongst the other candidates.

Create your online presence

We spend up to 35 percent of our productive time at work. Shouldn’t we at least make it, so it doesn’t suck?

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