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Guide On Transforming Your Resume For Remote Job Applications – Seo Optimized

So. You had enough of the office drama, politics, and micromanaging. You made a decision to go fully remote. Congratulations! 

And now what?

Making your resume more remote-friendly is a good starting point because it’s something you can do right now, and it will benefit you from day 1.

Let’s get to it.

We will start off easy – Why do you want to make your CV more remote-friendly?

Highlighting your remote work skills

A good number of both soft and hard skills are required to work remotely with success. However, these skills don’t come naturally to everyone. Even less so if you have worked in the office most of your life. 

What are the most important skills allowing you to confidently work remotely you say?

Asynchronous work

Being reliable

Remote work comes with more freedom than traditional office alternatives. This is great for employees, but comes with a risk for companies. That’s why it’s very important to be reliable. If you say something is gonna be finished at certain date, it is important that you deliver on that date.

Time management

I know what you think – time management is mentioned absolutely everywhere. Does it even mean anything to anyone?

This time, it really does. Because of the nature of remote work, you need to know how to work with your limited (work) time each day.

You can get blocked while working on a task simply because you need a feedback from a person on your team who works from a different time zone and it’s going to take 5 more hours before they wake up. It is important for you know what to do in a situation like this. 

Many recruiters consider remote work itself a standalone skill. Are they right? Share in the comments.

Making it clear you are looking for a remote position

Sure, some openings are clearly fully remote. However, some are not. But they can be

You see, a lot of employers are fine with employees to work remotely as long as they can be sure they are fully qualified and there will be no hiccups. This basically means you have to know how to use all the remote tools and be reliable at the same time.

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