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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Contract Developer?

There are dozens of considerations to take into account when asking the question “How much does it cost to hire a contract developer?” We’ve collated the data from hundreds of hires to help find your answer.

We get a lot of questions about how to set budgets for adding a new developer (or three) to your team. Historically, we’ve been reluctant to put a specific number on that because developer compensation packages vary so wildly, based on things like the skillset of the developer, hours needed, and even location. But we understand that it can be helpful for hirers to have a sense of market rates and ranges before they begin the hiring process. Planning for future headcount and determining per-hire budgets is much easier when you have the numbers in front of you and data to work with.

To that end, we’re sharing the data we’ve accumulated from our most recent developer hires made on the platform. These numbers represent the averages and ranges for developer costs within their respective experience and geography bands. This is a great place to start to understand how companies who are competing with you for talent think about the investment they’re making with each hire.

Important notes about this data

In looking at the data below, you’ll notice that average rates aren’t linear. What that means is the average rates that win opportunities on the platform don’t necessarily increase with the number of years of experience a developer has. This can occur for any number of reasons and not only does this make it difficult to outright say “this is how much you should budget,” but also illustrates why we don’t recommend relying solely on our data to determine your per-hire budget. Urgency, the number of developers with the skillset you’re looking for, and other hire-specific factors can swing these averages significantly. We recommend using this as a guide, and working other factors in to determine what will best meet your team’s needs.

Finally, if you are actively hiring on, our team is available as a resource to you as you make per-hire investment decisions. While this data is a great starting point, the vast majority of investment decisions hinge on factors outside of this data, and it’s our job to help you navigate these.

How much does it cost to hire a contract developer?

The data below reflects the amount per month you should budget for a full-time developer. Dividing these amounts by two or four will give you the amount you should budget for 1/2 time or 1/4 time development needs.

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