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Avoid These 5 Common Errors In Hiring Remote Freelancers – A Comprehensive Guide

Growing a business is tough, and that’s why getting the help you need at the time you need it most is vital. 

When you’re starting and growing a business, getting freelance help can be a crucial tool to provide an extra boost, but you obviously need to make sure you’re getting the right kind of resources for you.

Making mistakes (and learning from them) is another key part of growing a business, but when it comes to picking remote freelance support, you needn’t have to make costly errors – here’s some of our top tips on what to avoid when picking a remote freelancer.

Making a choice too quickly

Logging on to a freelance provider website, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people on offer. The last few years have made freelancing a much more flexible and appealing way to work for many, leading to a vast increase in contractors in recent times.

It can be tempting to simply click on the first few names that pop up, or instantly select the only one with a five-star rating – but take your time, as these workers may not always be the best fit for your business, and doing that extra bit of research may pay off hugely in the future.

Failing to get the right skills

On a similar note, you’ll want to make sure the freelancer you pick has exactly the skills you need. Especially when it is your business that is being helped or boosted, making sure you select the right worker with the right skills is paramount, as it is your work they will be doing at the end of the day!

With such a wide worker base to choose from, make sure the freelancers you pick have the right talents to complete the tasks you require – don’t be afraid to be selective, as the quality of their work will ultimately reflect on you and your business.

Falling for AI

It’s also important to make sure that when you have selected the ideal freelancer that the work they are providing is actually theirs. This may sound like a slightly odd thing to say, but the growing prevalence and intelligence of AI writing tools such as ChatGPT has unfortunately made it much easier for unscrupulous workers to simply get these platforms to do all the heavy lifting, as they take the money.

If you have your doubts, there are many AI detection services online to test your suspicions, and remember, you have the authority to push back on any work you feel does not live up to your standards.

Failing to check time zones

If your freelancers truly are remote, and are based in different countries or overseas locations, then making sure you have clear communication lines is another crucial component to consider.

It may sound obvious, but if they are based in a significantly different time zone, their working hours will be different to your own – so if you are looking for a quick turnaround on a task, it may be worth triple-checking the time, and emphasising the need for speedy output, to make sure you aren’t waiting on work that means you miss a crucial deadline.

Not spotting hidden costs or charges

Finally, as with any business contracts, making sure you have the money sorted out is an important consideration. If you are working with a remote freelancer, particularly if they are based in an overseas country different to your own, just make sure that you have all the currency conversions and extra fees agreed on before commissioning – as failing to do so can be an expensive mistake!

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