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Maximize Productivity And Save 37% On A Stylish Magsafe Solid Wood Desk Stand

TL;DR: As of Feb. 9, you can pick up the MagSafe Solid Wood Desk Stand for only $17.99 instead of $29. That’s a savings of 37%.

We’ve all been there…wrapped up in a task at work when a notification from our phone totally sidetracks us. From having to go hunt it down to reading a text and subsequently getting wrapped up in a conversation, many of us tend to be easily distracted and this can potentially derail precious productive moments. 

You can help prevent procrastination and distraction at your workspace with the MagSafe Solid Wood Desk Stand. This super cool design allows you to prop up your phone while it charges so you can easily check out notifications and texts whenever you need while staying on track during your workday. This handy stand is currently on sale for $17.99, 37% off the usual price, for a limited time.

Keep your phone powered up and easily located with the Rolling Square MagSafe Solid Wood Desk Stand. This stand keeps your MagSafe charger from sliding around on your desk, while offering an accessible space to keep it safe. It offers a patent-pending “take it or leave it” design that lets you set your phone directly on the base and lift it off quickly when you need it. And it’s conveniently positioned at a 45-degree angle, which means you can continue to use your phone comfortably while it sits on the stand.

Stay fully charged without any pesky cords with this sleek stand, and an anti-slide nanosuction base and anti-scratch PU suede pad, along with a strong array of magnets, keep a hold on your iPhone and make sure it stays in place. 

Even without all the convenient bells and whistles, this MagSafe Solid Wood Desk Stand is also stunning. It adds to any aesthetic with its warm, natural look, thanks to being crafted from solid Sapele wood. It’s also a space-saving shape, making it a sleek and functional accessory for any desk. 

Elevate your workspace with the MagSafe Solid Wood Desk Stand, on sale for $17.99 for a limited time. 

Prices subject to change.

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