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Maximize Productivity With A Refurbished Acer Chromebook For Just $57

TL;DR: As of April 5, get this refurbished Acer Chromebook for $56.99 (reg. $289) — That’s an 80% discount.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a reliable and affordable laptop to help you stay productive at work or school, this refurbished Acer Chromebook may be an excellent match for your needs. This little laptop excels with basic functions like browsing the web, streaming, and other project tasks for up to thirteen hours of use. Grab one now for just $56.99 (reg. $289).

Get a device that matches your needs

The Acer Chromebook is relatively small with an 11.6-inch display that makes it easy to take with you on the go. An Intel Celeron CPU, a 1.6GHz dual-core processor, and 4GB of RAM work together to run your apps and browser tabs all at once. Connect wireless headphones with Bluetooth 4.2 to stream movies or video chat with friends through the built-in HD webcam.

Use 16GB of storage to save photos, videos, and other files. You may also choose to connect an external storage drive through the available USB ports if you need some extra room.

Whether you’re a student or professional, you can get and stay productive on this laptop. Chromebooks operate with Chrome OS which is simpler than Windows systems. This creates fewer distractions and more battery life so you can focus on your work. Chrome OS also requires minimal hardware support and can even be more secure than Windows with its built-in virus protection system

Save some money with refurbs

This Chromebook is refurbished, meaning it had another life before coming into your hands. It received a grade “B” rating, so it’s discounted due to possible light scuffs or scratches on the body. The anti-slip pattern on the rear case may help conceal some of these while making it easier to carry with you.

The refurbished Acer Chromebook is an excellent choice if you’ve been searching for something that meets your tech needs without breaking the bank. 

Grab a refurbished 2017 Acer 11-inch Chromebook for just $56.99 (reg. $289). 

Prices subject to change.

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