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Top 8 Affordable And High-Yield Freelance Jobs For Maximum Profit

There’s a seemingly endless list of freelancing career options, some of which are more profitable than others. My advice: choose a freelancing job that’s both profitable AND costs little or nothing to start! 

I’ve rounded up eight of the most profitable freelancing jobs that also have little to no overhead costs. 

1. Copywriting/Content Writing 

Copywriters and content writers create written content for websites, blogs, ads, emails, and ebooks. You’ll need strong writing skills and a mastery of the native language. In terms of startup costs, all you really need is a computer and internet access.

Depending on the type of writing, the average pay is about $80k for copywriting and $76k for content writing

2. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VAs) provide administrative support remotely, such as:

  • Managing emails 

  • Scheduling appointments and meetings

  • Making travel arrangements

  • Handling phone calls

VAs are in high demand. With the potential to earn over $100k a year, they’re one of the most profitable freelancing jobs. You’ll need to be organized, have excellent communication skills, and an internet connection. 

3. Proofreader

A proofreader reviews written content for books, magazines, the web, and other sources for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. They don’t rewrite the content; instead, they mark the inaccuracies they find using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You’ll need a sharp eye for spotting typos and grammar mistakes and a computer or mobile device with internet access. The average salary for a proofreader is $52k but can reach over $80k

4. Graphic Designer 

Graphic designers are digital artists who use software programs like Photopea or Photo Pos Pro to create visual content, such as:

  • Logos 

  • Brochures 

  • Ads

  • Product packaging

  • Social media graphics

The salary for graphic designers can reach the $85k range. You’ll need to be creative, tech-savvy, and able to effectively capture the essence of your client’s visions and turn them into reality.  

5. Video Editor

Using free software like iMovie or Lightworks to edit video footage, video editors can earn over $80k a year. From marketing videos to YouTube, anyone that uses video needs your services. You’ll need creative thinking, attention to detail, and skills using editing software.

6. Social Media Manager 

Social media managers maintain a business’s online presence by creating content, communicating with followers, and monitoring analytics using various social media platforms. The salary for freelance social media managers can exceed $80k

In addition to a computer or mobile device, you’ll also need to be organized, comfortable using social media, and able to create social network strategies and content calendars. 

7. Tutor

You can tutor in person or virtually on various subjects, such as math, science, musical instrument, foreign language, and test preparation. Depending on the subject and who you teach, the typical income for tutors is close to $80k per year. While having a specialized degree can help, it’s not required. 

8. Editor

Not to be confused with proofreading, editors review writing for: 

  • Context 

  • Accuracy

  • Style

  • Flow

  • Structure

  • Validity of sources

Editors typically use software like Google Docs to revise and restructure content, being careful to keep the voice of the writer intact. You’ll need to be a proficient reader, quick to identify grammatical mistakes, able to follow a client’s style guide, have a strong command of the language, and be well-spoken to relay suggestions. The average salary for a freelance editor is $76k

Profitable Freelancing Jobs Aren’t Expensive to Start

Freelancing can be lucrative, rewarding, and flexible. There’s no need to invest in expensive equipment or office space to begin. In fact, some of the most profitable freelancing jobs can be started with a computer and internet connection. 

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